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We wanted to offer fans something extra, and we succeeded. The results within 24 hours? Almost 100,000 views. But most importantly, over 15,000 generated videos circulating in various ways, not only within the ACS community! This is a marketing dream!

Kamil Veselý
Marketing Director
prima logo

„Our guiding principle is to explore unconventional ways to entertain viewers beyond television screens, and the interactive game fully embodies this vision. In its first month of operation, the web application generated over 60,000 video plays, with a completion rate of 74%. Moreover, more than a third of users discovered the app through organic reach on social media platforms.“

Aleš Pýcha
Marketing Director
regiojet logo

„Building a strong and long-lasting relationship with our passengers is one of our cornerstones of building a strong brand. For the 2023 Christmas season, we decided to go beyond the standard and give each of our passengers a personal thank you through a unique Christmas video addressed directly to them. This gesture was very well received by our passengers, who particularly appreciated the personalized approach and the high level of production of the video.“

Ondřej Žiška
Marketing Director
taste logo

„At Taste, we utilized the Webout tool for both our clients and to support our public conferences. We incorporated customer names, products, and our knowledge of people's preferences into engaging narratives, tapping into metrics that standard campaigns would never yield. Webout is a fantastic avenue not only for capturing attention and building relationships but also for generating conversions.“

Anna Mejsnarová
Strategy Team Leader

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